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Experience top-notch hardware solutions with RLCS. From custom PC builds to computer repair, our comprehensive hardware services cater to diverse needs. Trust us to deliver reliable and optimized hardware solutions that elevate your digital experience, whether for business or personal use.


Discover RLCS’s comprehensive range of hardware solutions and expert repair services, designed to keep your technology running smoothly. From custom-built PCs and servers to networking equipment and peripherals, we offer top-quality hardware solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Additionally, our skilled technicians provide reliable repair and upgrade services for both computers and mobile devices. Whether you need a quick fix or a complete hardware overhaul, RLCS has the expertise to meet your needs. Explore our hardware categories below and trust RLCS to keep your technology in optimal condition.


Count on RLCS Desktop Solutions for prompt and effective desktop repairs. Our expert technicians specialize in resolving common issues and ensuring your desktop systems run smoothly. Trust RLCS to provide reliable solutions, restoring your desktops to optimal performance and minimizing disruptions to your workflow.


Experience seamless performance with RLCS Laptop Solutions. Our expert technicians specialize in diagnosing and resolving a variety of laptop issues, from hardware repairs to software optimization. Trust RLCS to provide efficient and reliable solutions, ensuring your laptops operate at their best for both personal and professional use.


RLCS Mobile Solutions offer comprehensive care for your mobile phones and tablets. Our skilled technicians address various issues, such as screen repairs and charging port failures ensuring your devices operate seamlessly. Trust RLCS for efficient, timely and reliable mobile solutions.


Elevate your computing experience with RLCS Custom PC Builds. Tailored to your specifications, our expert team assembles high-performance systems with precision and care. Whether for gaming, content creation, or professional applications, trust RLCS to craft a custom PC that meets your unique requirements and exceeds expectations.


Empower your business with RLCS Custom Server Builds. Our expert team tailors server configurations to match your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and reliability. Whether for data management, applications, or network operations, trust RLCS to deliver customized server solutions that align seamlessly with your organization’s needs.


Not finding the specific hardware solution you need? Explore our broader range of IT solutions for comprehensive technology services. Click here to discover more about how RLCS can meet your diverse IT needs.


Having trouble with a piece of software or need assistance diagnosing an issue? Our Helpdesk services can get you back on track in no time with our multiple Remote Support options available.

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Hardware Solutions


The security threat landscape is a constantly changing environment. Securing your data and systems from compromise is an ongoing process of awareness, management, maintenance, and continuous enhancement.

Hardware Solutions


Accidents happen. Our data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution makes sure your business has the ability to rapidly recover and get back to work in short order.

Hardware Solutions


As your business grows, scaling your IT infrastructure can present unique challenges. At RLCS, we specialize in developing seamlessly scalable solutions so you can focus on your business.

Hardware Solutions


Does your business need a custom software solution to optimize or unlock its services? RLCS can develop and deploy applications, tools, and digital workspaces to bring your workflow to the next level. Inquire about our reliable and cost-effective software solutions today.

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