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Expert desktop computer repair in St. Augustine. RLCS offers diagnostics, repairs, upgrades & support for all your desktop PC needs.

Complete Desktop PC Solutions - Diagnostics, Repairs & Upgrades

Keep your desktop computers operating at peak performance with RLCS’s expert repair and support services in St. Augustine. We offer a full range of solutions to address any desktop PC issue, ensuring your technology remains reliable and efficient. Browse our selection of Desktop Solutions below for more information.

Our Desktop Solutions include:


From time to time your desktop needs a little TLC to keep it running smoothly. Let RLCS provide a tune up or OS upgrade, it can be a cost saving service to increase the lifespan for your computer by conducting basic spyware and virus removal, hard drive and memory checks, system optimization, disk defragmentation, disk cleanup & removal of temporary files. To get started, drop your PC off today.


Not sure what's causing trouble? RLCS can diagnose your PC and pinpoint issues affecting performance. We provide personalized solutions to optimize your system, ensuring it runs at peak efficiency. Trust RLCS to uncover and resolve problems with precision. Explore RLCS Diagnostics and elevate your computing experience.


Upgrading applications to a newer version can be a challenge. We have expertise in troubleshooting where the application upgrade went wrong and how to install the tools you need to bring back your productivity.


If you're wanting more than just a tune, but not wanting to purchase a whole new device, some components in your computer might be upgradeable. Let us provide an upgrade assessment and recommend the right hardware to bring your device a performance increase.


Let us build the desktop you've been dreaming of. Whether it's a small form factor workstation to handle all your daily tasks or a custom water-cooled battle station to play the most recent AAA rated PC games, we've got your custom build covered. Check out some of our Custom PC builds here-->

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