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RLCS provides expert repair services for all your mobile devices in St. Augustine. We fix phones, tablets, iPads and more, quickly and reliably.

Comprehensive Repair Solutions for Your Mobile Devices

Keep your mobile world connected with RLCS’s comprehensive mobile device repair services in St. Augustine. We handle a wide range of issues for phones, tablets, iPads, and other portable devices, ensuring they function flawlessly and look their best.

Our Mobile Device Repair Services include:


Battery life not what is used to be? Is a damaged screen giving you issues? Let RLCS find the perfect replacement and get you back on track with speedy and reliable repair options.


Your mobile device does no good to you with audio or microphone issues. Let our mobile device technicians get to the root cause of the issue and provide a solution that helps you take that next phone call or listen to that video.


Accidents happen, RLCS is here to help when it does. Our technicians have seen just about every type of water damage imaginable. Stop by our repair shop to see if we can provide a repair that works for you.

No matter what type of mobile device you have, RLCS is your trusted source for professional mobile device repair in St. Augustine. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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